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The Best Hydroponic Shop in Plymouth

We are the best hydroponic shop in Plymouth.

A tall order? Perhaps a little over-stated and over confident?

Maybe. The reality is that such judgements are best made by our customers and not in copy written by marketers.

So, if you are a Plymouth resident, a commuter, or just passing through the city, we invite you to come and have a look around the store. Talk to our team,  check out our stock selection and, if you are so inclined, stop and vape for a few minutes at our beautiful natural wood bar.

We put all our products out on our custom designed fittings so that our clients can visually inspect any item before making a purchase and we carry large stocks of all popular hydroponic formulations at all times.

When it comes to collecting your purchases, we have a parking area around the back of the store. If you find that we happen to be out of stock any product, we’ll happily order it in for collection or delivery.

Are we the best hydroponic shop in Plymouth?

Why not come in today and find out? We are open 7 days a week and our store is in a prominent position at the top of Exeter Street.